(Extra Class)
ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Northern New York

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QSL information: Clubs and Affiliations:
Peter R. Newell KC2WI
P.O. Box 551
Lake Pleasant, NY 12108 USA
(Hamilton County)

QTH coordinates:   43.475 -74.440

Grid Square: FN23SL74

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 ARRL Northern New York Section

 NNY Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Hamilton County ARES/RACES         rpt:147.075 + (71.9)

Hamilton County Amateur Radio Club         rpt: 147.165+

Glenfield (Lewis County) QTH coordinates:   43.7129, -75.4008
Grid Square: FN23HR11

Black River Valley Amateur Radio Club     rpt: 146.955 -
Boonville Amateur Radio Club                    rpt: 146.655 -

You might find me on the air on any of the following nets or frequencies:
Name/Description Frequency Net Time(s), if any (EST/EDT)
North Country Group 3.958 Sunday 8:00-9:30 AM
NYS Phone Traffic & Emergency Net 3.925 6:00-6:30 PM daily
East Coast Amateur Radio Service 7.255
Carrier Net 3.935 Mornings Mon-Sat.Prenet 8:30, Net 9:00 AM
Speculator/Hamilton Co ARC Rptr 147.165 + any time / Emergency Training Net Mondays 8 PM
Blue Mt/Hamilton Co RACES Rptr 147.075 + (71.9) any time / Emergency Training Net Mondays 8 PM

If in Glenfield/Lewis County

Black River Valley ARC Repeater
( Echolink AB2XN)
146.955 - (Lewis County Roundtable 8 PM)
Boonville ARC Repeater 146.655 - (Black River Valley Service Net 9 PM)
First licensed as Novice KA2OVX in March 1982, upgraded to Advanced in fall 1982, Extra in 2001.

Lake Pleasant IC-7300. 102' Dipole @~40' fed with ladder line to AH-4. IC-706MkIIg. End-fed wire @25' through 9:1 balun and IT-100.
Glenfield: IC-746Pro. 125' End-fed wire @ 25 ft. 20M vertical on roof.
Mobile (sometimes): IC-7000. Hamsticks or Little Tarheel
Portable/QRP: IC-703 or uSDX+ Plus V2

Mobile operation Saturday April 8, 2006. Think you need big antenna & high power to work the world? Check this out.

Mobile operating position June 4, 2006. Contacted 8 Museum ship special event stations NY to WI, plus many others.
Icom Tune Control information
more info - see my qrz.com listing

Snowmobile Mobile Jan 11, 2012 about 4PM. Lake Sacangaga, south central Adirondacks.
Contacts with Arizona and a mobile in Oklahoma on 15M.   IC-703+ 10 Watts. AT-271A/PRC shock corded whip approx. 9 1/2 feet on 'mirror mount' clamped to my 2009 Ski Doo Freestyle Tundra's rear rack.

Old picture of he"shack" in Glenfield...