KC2WI Stationary mobile 17 meters operation on April 8, 2006:

The operating location:
(Shingle Mill Falls trailhead on Partridgeville Road, Brantingham NY. Western edge of the Adirondack Mountains)Mobile at the Shingle Mill Falls trailhead

The contacts: (4:15-5:00 PM EDT)
Time Freq. Call Name Location
2015z 18.155 PI4UTR Paul Amsterdam Holland
2025z 18.150 EA8BWL Helmut Tenerife Canary Islands
2043z 18.164 EA8/DL6SAW Bert Las Palmas Canary Isl.
2050z 18.158 IK5RLP Claudio Tuscany Italy
2100z 18.130 IZ8DPJ Don Campania Italy

The "view" out the front window:Trail to Shingle Mill Falls

The mobile rig: (Icom 706MKIIG with 17M hamstick-type whip)706MKIIG mobile

Shingle Mill FallsShingle Mill Falls