KC2WI - - RME 43 Communications Receiver with matching Speaker for sale --

I've had this radio since about 1982. I used it as my first receiver along with a Heathkit DX-100. A freind helped me get it operational. We replaced caps, etc. I can't recall exactly what we did, but the radio worked well. Not much sensitivity up on 10M but nice broadcast band RX and on the lower ham bands. It has been in storage for 20 years so I can't say anything about current operational condition. I would say overall it is in fair condition for a WWII era receiver. See this page for some info..

I will pull it out of storage, give it an evaluation, and take some pictures, and update this listing when I get a chance.

Please contact me if you are interested. Trade credit for IC-703/703+ Yaesu 817, LDG AT 7000 or IT-100 or similar autotuner, good current balun or unun, Alinco EDX-2 random wire autotuner, or dual-band mobile considered. Reasonable offers considered.

Questions? Please email or call 315-376-8879. You may also find me on the ECARS net (7.255).