Black River Chapter ADK Photo Gallery Technical Notes:

I am going to keep this very simple for me as I do not have the time to set up and maintain an elaborate page.

I will only post a few pictures due to storage limitations. I will rotate pictures as I get new ones. If I find that I am getting too many submissions then I will let the board decide which ones to post.

The images must be JPEG files. These are typically what you get with a digital camera or scanner. Along with the picture I would like a short description, the date the picture was taken, and the photographer's name.

The files should be under 50K. Large files will take up too much space and will take too long to download. Your camera or scanner may be set to a high resolution, in which case you will have to use your photo editing software to reduce the file size. This is done by reducing the image quality, the image size, and resolution.

Your camera or photo-editing software will probably have an automatic "save for web" or save for e-mail function which should reduce the file size, image size, and resolution but you may have to do some manual adjustment.

The image size in pixels controls the actual on-screen dimensions. To keep the page looking organized, all images must be about the same pixel size. The posted picture is 382 x 256 pixels. A few pixels larger or smaller will not matter too much, but it will look neater if all are the same. Portrait orientation obviously will be a different width.

Resolution should be 72 pixels per inch. Typically your camera will produce higher resolution pictures which must be reduced in resolution for optimal web viewing.

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